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As soon as you enter the project management module, you see the dashboard. The dashboard gives you a glimpse of every project that currently the company has in its store. From here, one can get a complete overview of the project and also the tasks underneath every project.

Video Contents
00:00 Introduction
00:53 How to Manage Stages in Odoo
01:42 How to Add Planning in Timesheets
02:11 How to Add a New Stage
03:22 How to Quickly add a Task
06:30 How to move a task to the done stage

To view the tasks, click on the TASK icon.
Here you can see the various tasks under a project, also which stage they belong to.

To get an overview of the project, click the OVERVIEW icon. Upon, clicking you will be navigated to a new window like below: CREATING NEW PROJECT

To create a new project, you can click on the CREATE button on the dashboard. Upon clicking the button, you are navigated to a new screen Here you can add the project name and select the following options:
- Planning to enable planning tasks on the project.
- Timesheet to enable timesheets on the project.
- Bill form Tasks to enable billing from tasks.
- Worksheets to enable customizable worksheets on Tasks.

Later click the CREATE button.
Upon clicking the create button, you will be redirected to a new page like below. Here, you can add certain columns to your project. They will act in different stages for your project tasks. You can name the tasks in a chronological order based on your project. Add as many columns as you need.

Odoo helps you with certain examples for different use cases. For that click the EXAMPLES button.

Odoo has set different examples for different projects for instance- Software Development, Digital Marketing, Getting things done, Research Project, and more.

To close the window, click the button GOT IT. And now you can add your titles. Once you add your desired columns and create the few tasks via clicking on the CREATE button REARRANGE TASK STAGES

From the Kanban view of the project, one can add as many stages as they want, also they can be rearranged via simply dragging and dropping the column to the desired location. One can also fold/ unfold the stages by using the Setting icon on your desired stage. One can edit the stages, delete them, archive/unarchive the task.

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