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How to create Leads, and what are the Lead creation types in odoo 14?

Lead: - A conceivable future deal, it might be made in light of the fact that a client enquired an item CRM in Odoo can be clarified as a progression of occasions that begin with distinguishing a Lead (a future deal probability) and goes through various stages like Opportunity, Quotation, Sale Order and genuine deal (receipt age and installment). Odoo coordinates the Customer Management module alongside these procedures to achieve compelling Customer Relationship Management. The fundamental advances engaged with following a deal can be recorded as beneath.

You can without much of a stretch make a lead from the CRM pipeline itself.

One would also be able to plan the following action for your lead. Odoo provisions next movement alternatives like Email, Call, Meeting, Follow up Quote, Call for Demo, and so on.

While in your pipeline, select any opportunity you need and you will see a Mark Lost button. You would then be able to choose a current Lost Reason or make another one in that spot.

The user can also send SMS Text Messages from leads and opportunities.
Generating leads or opportunities from Email: Each sales channel is equipped for making a lead/opportunity from the incoming emails.

Configure email aliases: Every sales channel can have its very own email alias, to create leads/opportunities automatically. This element is valuable in the event that you deal with a sales team with explicit business processes. You will discover the configuration of sales channels under Configuration? Sales Team. Any email sent to the endorsed email alias will make an opportunity in the pipeline for the particular sales channel or sales group

Automating the lead/opportunity generation will significantly improve the operation efficiency. Any visitor utilizing the contact form on the website will make a lead/opportunity in the pipeline.

You should first go to your website app. With the CRM app installed, you benefit from the ready-to-use contact form on your Odoo website that will create leads/opportunities automatically.

In order to change it to a specific sales channel, go to the Website? Configuration? Settings, under the Communication field, one can view the Contact Form info and field to change the Sales Team and Salesperson.

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