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There are numerous types of taxes, and their application varies greatly, depending mostly on your company’s localization. Tax can be set for a company, product, and account. Most of your country’s taxes are already pre-configured on your database when you install the fiscal localization.

Video Contents:
0:00 Introduction
0:21 Configure taxes in odoo 14
3:09 Add label on invoices, tax group, company name
4:25 Set tax for products
5:30 Set Default tax
6:08 Create product in odoo 14
7:29 Set default tax for products
10:24 Tax splitting in odoo

To edit or create a new Tax, go to Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Taxes and open a tax or click on Create. The tax configuration page contains some basic options including:

Tax Name
This is the label you see while editing Sales Orders, Invoices, Products, etc.

Tax Computation

Group of Taxes
The tax is a combination of multiple sub-taxes.

A fixed amount of tax can be set in the default currency. The amount remains the same, regardless of the Sales Price.

Percentage of Price

The tax’s amount is computed by multiplying the Sales Price by the tax’s percentage.

Percentage of Price Tax Included

The tax’s amount is a percentage of the Total.


Only Active taxes can be added to new documents.

Tax Type

The Tax Type determines where the tax is selectable

There are three scopes available:

Sales: Customer Invoices, Product’s Customer Taxes, etc.

Purchase: Vendor Bills, Product’s Vendor Taxes, etc.

Note: A tax cannot be used by itself, however, it can still be used in a group

Tax scope

Restricts the use of taxes to a type of product(Services, Goods)

Definition tab (Repartition of taxes)

Allocate with precision the amount of the taxable basis or percentages of the computed tax to multiple accounts and Tax Grids.

This repartition line contains:

Based On:

Base: the price on the invoice line

% of tax: a percentage of the computed tax.

Account: if defined, an additional Journal Item is recorded.

Tax Grids: used to generate Tax reports automatically, according to your country’s regulations.
Advanced Options tab

Label on Invoices
The label of the tax, as displayed on each invoice line in the Taxes column.

Tax Group
Select to which Tax Group the tax belongs.
Include in Analytic Cost
With this option activated, the tax’s amount is assigned to the same Analytic Account as the invoice line.
Included in Price
With this option activated, the total (including the tax) equals the Sales Price
Affect Base of Subsequent Taxes

With this option, the total tax-included becomes the taxable basis for the other taxes applied to the same product.

You can configure a new Group of Taxes to include this tax, or add it directly to a product line.

To set default tax for the company go to Settings- Default taxes- Assign default Sales tax and Purchase tax for your company

The default tax can be set for a product in its configuration. Inside the product configuration form, you can see a field ‘Customer Taxes’ which can be used to set multiple taxes for the product.

It is also possible to set a default tax for an account. Go to Accounting - Configuration - Chart of accounts - Open an account - Edit and add default tax.

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