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Odoo inventory management is a resourceful module that can be utilized by any business organization irrespective of its size. It is designed in such a flexible manner. Odoo inventory is fully integrated with other applications, such as Purchase, Sales, or Inventory. But is not limited to those processes, it is also fully integrated with our e-Commerce, Manufacturing, and Repairs applications. To Access inventory and warehouse management modules in your ERP, you have to install the ‘Inventory Management’ app from Odoo.

This session discusses the Inventory management module in Odoo 14.

Video Contents:
0:00 Introduction
0:38 - Inventory Overview
4:06 - How to configure warehouses in odoo14
9:19 - How to create and configure locations in odoo 14
14:48 - Routes and Rules in odoo14
16:51 - Putaway Rules in Odoo14
17:38 - Odoo 14 Product Categories
19:44 - How to Configure Product variants in Odoo 14
20:51 - Reordering Rules in Odoo14
21:55 - Product Packagings in Odoo14
24:23 - How to Configure Barcodes in Odoo14
26:36 - Shipping Methods in Odoo14
27:57 - How to create a transfer in Odoo 14 Inventory
30:42 - Odoo 14 Replenishment
31:41 - How to do Batch picking in Odoo14
32:37 - Inventory Adjustments in odoo14
33:43 - Create Scrap orders in Odoo14
34:09 - Landed Costs in Odoo14
35:11 - Use of Run scheduler in Odoo14 Inventory
36:14 - Lot/Serial numbers in Odoo 14
39:34 - Warehouse Analysis in Odoo14 Inventory
41:04 - Inventory Report in Odoo14
41:57 - Forecasted Inventory Report in Odoo 14
43:14 - Inventory Valuation Report in Odoo14
43:57 - Stock Moves Report in Odoo 14
44:29 - Product Moves Report in Odoo 14

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Good inventory management also helps businesses to decrease their costs, pace up their success operations, and stop any possibilities of business fraud. However, managing the stock is now not that easy as we seem to be from outside. It has to go through various complex steps and follow-ups to preserve the right balance. Moreover, it is on the groundwork of your company’s inventory, the organizations survey their modern assets, supply economic reporting, balance the accounts.

Thus it is a complex phenomenon in the inventory management of your business. But these complex proceedings can be simplified with an ERP solution. An enterprise resource planning software can reduce the overheads and optimize turns in the inventory. The automated management makes everything streamlined and ensures the right balance of stock in your warehouse. In the case of stock depletion, ERP takes care of stock replenishments with reordering rules and others.

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