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OdooRPC: Connect To Odoo Database and Perform All Operations

Connect to odoo database from python using odoorpc and perform various operation. Odoorpc tutorials. How to use odoorpc python package to connect and read data from odoo database.

OdooRPC is a Python package providing an easy way to pilot your Odoo servers through RPC.

Features supported:
* access to all data model methods (even browse) with an API similar to the server-side API,
* use named parameters with model methods,
* user context automatically sent providing support for internationalization,
* browse records,
* execute workflows,
* manage databases,
* reports downloading,
* JSON-RPC protocol (SSL supported),

Supported Odoo server versions
OdooRPC is tested on all major releases of Odoo (starting from 8.0).

Supported Python versions
OdooRPC support Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6.

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