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Product Lifecycle Management Manufacturing

Manufacturing operations in the company should be an up to date process and should be able to process with any adaptable changes in operations. Various stages of operations and machinery involvement are being designed and drafted to these. The designs are made in the assumption of the development to the largest suitable values and how the work stations could be made more efficient. The changes in manufacturing and the updating involve the change in raw materials, process, finished product, appearances and many more internal and external aspects of the product.

Every product has a life cycle and an expiry date of operation. Other than consumable ones these products can be reused or recycled to change out to a new product with a similar marginal value. Moreover, the degradable consumable products which are not sold out in the company or the leftovers in restaurants are made into compost manure and used for agricultural purposes. On the other hand, the non-biodegradable ones are reduced down into categories and sent back to the same company or a recycling plant.

The companies should be capable of receiving these products and adaptable to make changes in their production methodology to reuse them. A similar terminology can be adapted for the storable products of the company which have not been sold out for longer durations are ready to be disposed of. This we're where Odoo PLM management comes in. The business management platform has introduced the product life cycle management system to make the manufacturing process of the company to be compatible to adapt to the life cycle management operations in the company.

This video will provide an overview of the product life cycle management of the Odoo platform.

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