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The project types are categorized on the basis of certain criteria like the invoicing policy they had chosen, timesheet updation, or whether the project contains tasks. The types of projects include timesheet projects, No task found projects, Nonbillable projects, Fixed projects.

Video Contents:
0:00 - Introduction
1:12 - Create a new Project in Odoo14
9:08 - Timesheet based Project
14:37- Fixed Price Project
17:07 - No Task Found Project
19:19 -Non Billable Project

Timesheet Projects are those projects that are invoiced with reference to timesheet hours.

For some projects, it does not contain tasks and the overview is based on the timesheet cost of the employee. Such projects are No Task Found Projects.

Non-Billable projects have tasks and tasks get updated in the timesheet. However, it doesn’t create any sale order. Fixed projects are invoiced based on the ordered quantity.

Read more about Managing Projects:

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