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What is Link trackers and how to configure it ecommerce website

Link Trackers allow you to track your marketing campaigns (emails, banner ads, blog posts, social media posts, affiliate links, etc.). This way, you are able to identify your best traffic sources and make informed decisions about the distribution of your marketing budget.

Go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and activate Link Trackers.

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About Us
Cybrosys is enriched with technical experts and research scholars producing high-end quality software tools. Our sophisticated infrastructure and lab facilities constantly bring in new technological innovations and attributions. Partnership with ODOO, MICROSOFT, IBM, Intel, HP, NASSCOM proves our strength and excellence.

We are Odoo Gold Partners standing par excellence in Odoo Implementation, Customization, and allied services. We do Source code sale and Employee outsourcing. The latest research and developments in Cybrosys are being conducted in Blockchain. Our robust quality product and services are widely used by clients residing across in India, USA, UK, Middle East & Europe.
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